Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beneath a Naked Flame - Jan. 06, 2011

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Astarte Syriaca (1877);
Manchester Ciry Art
Gallery, UK

Beneath a Naked Flame

Beneath a naked flame, there lies all the hidden resolution
I heard him softly sing to you my friend
You bowed your head in a silken thread of absolution
While spilling forgetful darkness
From your hands

Are your eyes dim because your dreams are distant
To you I could hear him softly sing
You bowed your head to escape from existence
Then you closed your burning eyes
On everything

Above your line of sight a patient angel is there waiting
He sang to you, although you did not hear
If you will unbow your head, stand still anticipating
Open up your burning eyes
All will be clear

Beneath a naked flame, there lies your own contentment
I know because I felt the burn in his song
But if your silken thread holds onto your resentment
Your eyes will burn in darkness
Your lifelong

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specs with me.

  2. Expressive and deep exhortation metaphor in this poem

  3. The last stanza wraps it up so poignantly and beautifully..."there are none as blind as those that will not see"

    Beautiful poem, Neva.

  4. Very well penned ,release the resentment and open your heart to see.Raise your Eyes to see beyond the dreams.
    Great One,Neva

  5. Sin and pride holds us in devide.

    In Humility and Simplicity we are pardoned.

    Once these cliffs are erased, true Love is ours

    to embrace.

  6. All is clear, hopefully for life.

  7. Excellent! It has the flow of chamber music in our ears.

  8. wow beautiful poem girl as always!!!!