Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Story is Ours - Jan. 15, 2011

The Story is Ours

The sun will know where we first began
To explain there is no need
All we have been before is in our hands
But, when you come with me
You must lead

Many a story calls our hearts to fly like doves
From where our flowers bloom
Into skies of our beliefs we soar above
Unknown valleys of woven time
Spun upon life's loom

In flight together, we will find an open door
Where our needs are met the same
With no concern of what came heretofore
Yet, when you come with me
Know my name

Bright feathers from the changing years
Will lie within our home's flowers
What we have been will shed no tears
For when you come with me
The story's ours

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Neva this the loom that weaves existence. It strikes the fire in my heart.

  2. ah beautiful...the coming together, the weaving of stories...very nice neva...

  3. Know my name. Yeah that is about all that is required for that walk around the universe.

  4. A new Sun shall shine, when two souls come together, encouraging and lovely poem

  5. love it, "the story is our". the coming together to make our story.

  6. Wonderful write! I really enjoy this one! :)

  7. "The story's ours"....lovely. This reminded me to appreciate my husband, even in our crazy, chaotic life. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful indeed the play of words
    A little hide and seek, here and there
    That is just a matter of play
    For what use of knowing all
    If one's name is not inscribed in the mind
    For a story to bloom and expand.

    simply simple
    beautifully beautiful.

  9. power to the poets

    peace and love,

  10. if some body is companion or not the worship goes on
    without a word in sound of silence worship goes on