Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not My Time - January 12, 2011

Not My Time

The grass bowed in the quiet evening
While five hundred children
Stood by like lambs.
Awaking a symbol of love
With their smiles.

The sweetest sound broke forth
To cheer the stars above
While the children all lit candles
For every nation
I could hear a drum resound

Like flowers by a meadow stream
Such grace was revealed
When at last I could see their faces
There I fell to the ground
And began to dream

In my dream I followed the children
Into the coldest winds
Wondering if I would die, following love
Then soon the sweetest weight
Proved to be light

A burden was lifted from my fearful heart
With such gladness I was filled
When the cold winds led to a pathway
Where the souls gone before
Now quietly lived

I charged ahead of the children
To meet the ones I loved
But like flowers by a meadow stream
I was held in place
By the hands of precious time

I awoke crying on the grass that bowed
In the quiet evening
Where five hundred children once stood
Wiped a tear from my eye and smiled
As I lit my own candle of love

Copyright *Neva Flores @ 01/11/11


  1. Existential life begins after one accepts thier own demise!

  2. Death is a matter of time, not distant, beautiful tour in this poem.

  3. Soon enough time will end. Til then light candles anyway and grow a garden of your own making. I think that you once again have eloquently expressed a human condition that so many feel but have no words for and for those people I offer you gratitude.

  4. The hands of precious time soon pass, though not sure if that is good or bad - beautiful poem.

  5. 'In my dream I followed the children/Into the coldest winds/Wondering if I would die' - my favourite lines in a stunning poem.

  6. Oh my! What a poetic tale. Powerful!

  7. put me in a dreamy state. felt like i was there. very well penned neva.

  8. Most beautiful and endearing to race to the one's we Love that have gone before. I will lit my own candle of Love.For it is not My Time.
    Moving Read,Neva Thank You.

  9. Neva this is filled with the power of love, memory, dreams of past and future and pure Divine light!

  10. Very powerfully written Neva.

  11. I agree with the comments that this is a very powerful poem.

  12. A very powerful poem. Neva, I think this just might be my favourite poem.