Sunday, January 2, 2011

Filled With Wonder - Jan. 02, 2011

Filled With Wonder

Who shall hold us with gladness in our morning sky
Until we no longer fear clouds of thunder
Tell us how we should try
To live each day
In wonder

Will we see our hearts leap into our morning skies
To fearlessly ride those clouds of thunder
Gladness shining from our eyes
Held captive in a sense
Of wonder

If our hearts are stones, will we feel these arms
When they grace our morning skies
Live our lives in fear of harm
With no shining gladness
In our eyes

I await the arms of gladness in my morning skies
I wish to ride those clouds of thunder
To live my life with shining eyes
My soft heart filled
With wonder

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Wishing you a happy and productive new year.

  2. 'Wonder' is one of the most beautiful words, and you composed such a WONDERful piece about it, Neva.Thanks so much. And by the way you choose such amazing pictures to brighten your poems! Yel. :)

  3. Wonder - one of the reasons to be alive. An apt reminder.

  4. "To live my life with shining eyes
    My soft heart filled
    With wonder" Me too Neva, me too! Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :)

  6. Glorious to live the life with shining eyes,Beautiful Poetry to make us Wonder.
    Thank You, Neva

  7. What a beautiful hopeful morning-- It glows

  8. So uplifting poem,spreading hopeful everywhere.

  9. Neva

    A beautiful 'wonder' how you pen such gorgeous thoughts on paper. You chose words wisely and have a knack for knowing how to use them successfully.

    Wishing your creative spirit to soar with peace love and joy every moment of this new year.


  10. Your poem is "Something Wonderful". Wonder is a power concept. You speak to it wonderfully Neva. I love your poetry.

  11. A beautifully crafted poem to bring inspiration to not only a new year but to begin a new decade

  12. Even a heart of granite feels. It is just a different feeling with it