Monday, January 3, 2011

Inner Child - January 03, 2011

Inner Child

The child within is higher far than captures of beauty
Resting wild yet expressed in a dozen joys
Before night falls, you will find me
Here thrilling to all my
Youthful ploys

I wrap myself in a wish that smiles closely inside
Upon the lake of shadows in my soul
Above the inner child who hides
Within the hills and valleys
Down below

My sun-filled eyes I say have slept too long
In the gloom, time has placed me in
From a balcony, I hear a song
Youth still plays for me
Here within

I guard the inner child that lives within my soul
From the dark clouds that drift along
I keep her innocence whole
So that I will never
Lose her song

Your child within is higher far than captures of beauty
Keep her wrapped closely in your smiling ways
Do not keep her hidden in those valleys
Fill her eyes with sunshine
Let her play!

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. oh yes...cling to her but let her play...lovely...

  2. Honour the inner child...and you do it beautifully in this poem, Neva.

  3. man oh man, another wonderful poem. yes, we all have that inner child within that we need to be good to and nurture.

  4. You seem to hit the spot every day. How important to us is that inner child? Priceless.

  5. Loved this one ; we all are still a child within--

  6. Lovely keeping her safe and warm and letting her play --- she is our youthful muse...bkm

  7. Well expressed and flowing verse ,if we are not like a child,How get in the next level ?

  8. Delightful and tender words to Honor your inner-child. We all should embrace the inner child to stay balanced in Life .very nicely done,Neva

  9. The song of the child within is beautiful! Lovely write, Neva!

  10. Tha' wee bairn is nay allowed to have a long enough childhood in most people. Shame tha' is so.