Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wind On My Wings - Jan. 19, 2011

Gronxador, JOSEP PINÓS I COMES (1867-1916)

Wind on My Wings

Once I wished to raise my gaze in fascination
At the thought of dreadful fear
Looked into the face of trying declarations
Bent backwards, ever groaning
With eyes, full of tears

One day I took note of all those birds in my skies
Freely flying high without a care
As I swiftly dried those tears from my eyes
My wings spread forth, taking flight
Along with dreadful fear

A new beginning I wished to rise up and see
Here flickering within my heart
I looked to the hand holding courage’s key
Stood up proud and true
Watching fear depart

Until I can see the bottom of the endless deep
I will not give way to failure
An easy life, I may not always bid to keep
But the daring wind on my wings
I will know in splendor

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. wow, this is an awesome peace and i love the image you have incorporated here.

  2. There's always hope in your writings. I admire that. It calls to mind a blosseming flower.

  3. Breathtaking desire to fly in search of a new and free reborn,in this hopeful poem.

  4. Strong and empowering writing, give me the strength to face my fears,and I shall not fail. Beautiful weave in the Tapestry of Life.
    Awesome Vision,Neva

  5. Such a very powerful poem... It touches the heart and gives it hope....

  6. Very nice Neva...the daring on your wings...and the tribute to courage....we must is our life the wind our guide....lovely...bkm

  7. A beautiful poem of bravery, Neva.

  8. Courage and hope. Great.

  9. Thank you for adding more scent and beauty to an at times drear world.

  10. Reach for the splendour. Not sure how I missed reading this yesterday - so that's why my day didn't feel quite right!

  11. Keep taking note, Neva. You let us see what you see in such beautiful ways. Wonderful poem.

  12. A very encouraging poem! Be not afraid, go forth without fear, look forward to change rather than dread it!