Saturday, January 8, 2011

Without Answers - Jan. 08, 2011

Without Answers
If you can tell me why the sea roars when staring at the moon
I will drink the essence of your different ways
Together we will find where the dish took the spoon
Live with fire in our eyes
All our days

If you can launch a ship that glides into wisdom's harbor
I will sail along with you until the end of time
Together we will learn the secret of love's nature
Live a life full of passion
So sublime

However, if you cannot tell me why the sea roars at the moon
Or launch a ship that will glide into wisdom's harbor
Together our hearts can still learn how to sing in tune
In our own perfect harmony
Without answers

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. The sea roars because your heart listens...

  2. Beautiful poetic proposal of love, the sea roars and the pretty anxious moon.

  3. yes...answers are over is the questions that awaken our hearts and truly link us to others! The photo is really wonderful Neva. Thanks for checking in on me...I'm having an okay morning so far:)

  4. ps...I just added your link to my inspiring blogs are a gift:)

  5. Love prevails, even without an obvious reason or explanation. Good poem, Neva.

  6. Sometimes it's the discovering that is important. Nice one.

  7. what dreams and fantasies are made of. great imagery you have going here.