Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fragile - February 08, 2011

Painting by Viola Purdy


Fragile strands of secret thoughts play in the twilight
While eternity dances a breath away
Morning is sleeping under a quilt of stars
Waiting for a burst of sunlight
To smile her way

A hummingbird rises to seek dew from flowers
Shedding tears of joy as he finds
Drops of heaven on the petals of a rose
Within the reach of his wings
Purely divine

Our kindred souls are carried away in delight
Enchanted by the sights we see
We both carry our own secret thoughts
To play and dance in the sunlight
Fragile but free

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Fragile but strong words Neva, and yes, simply divine.
    Very beautiful and I love your image of the hummingbird:))

  2. Perfect, thanks so much!

  3. Also love the image of the hummingbird and the drops of heaven. Always uplifted after a visit to your blog.

  4. Seem light is at home in your soul again.

  5. While eternity dances a breath away - this really grabbed me. So true, isn't it? Lovely poem as always, Neva. You have such a gift of weaving a beautiful tapestry of thought.

  6. Neva...you are so amazing!
    "Shedding tears of joy as he finds
    Drops of heaven on the petals of a rose"

    day after day...the words flow through you...truly you are a vessel through which creativity flows!

  7. Quite lovely from an absolutely exquisite poet. You musing stir the most harden soul. Again, lovely Neva.

  8. Charming free love in a free nature.

  9. Your last stanza, Neva, just really really touched me. So true - we have the freedom in our minds...always.

    This was gorgeous!

  10. All of the best dances are crystal and fragile.