Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layers of Faces - Feb. 22, 2011

Layers of Faces

Under layers of faces there exist journeys held in silence
Constantly unraveling inside as heart strings
Pulled to the surface they can quickly shift these layers
Into smiles, tears or a burning anger not predicted
Instantly changing everything

Memories held within the layers of faces never disappear
What the heart has gazed upon remains
Deeply engraved in the tender fibers of our souls
As burning embers buried under time's ash
Sparked......becomes a flame

What is banished often still exists under these layers
Inside the spirit of all our heart strings
Our journeys may leave vivid scars held in silence
But they will also leave lessons in layers
Used to change everything

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Absolutely beautiful and very well put! :)

  2. wow, this is special and so true!!!

  3. We are a hard drive, which comes and goes, you have to stay with the best,teaching poem.

  4. I Love "what the heart has gazed upon remains"...like it is touched forever because it has been seen by the heart...so true..! Beautiful..!

  5. the last five lines wrap around my heart Neva.

  6. I think of the faces we all wear -- the faces that get old and tired and rather haggard- looking after a time. Well done, Neva.

  7. -- The faces/ the masks we insist we need-- to hide the hurts

  8. smiles. i am rather fond of my scars and each of them does carry a lesson...most i will not repeat...

  9. I have yet a few more layers to lay upon my face and willingly allow all them underneath to come to the fore as need be. Neva this is...delicious thought for a hungry soul. Thanks.

  10. Lessons are always with us, once more you have captured a truth.

  11. ..What is banished often still exists under these layers... so true - and we too often forget it until it turns up in unexpected moments..

  12. So true, when the graves masks the real person appears in its true light.
    Beautiful Neva ~

  13. ah those layers, not matter how many- they cannot hide what beneath stands

    This is great poetry, a great blog, Neva.

  14. PS-And the picture you chose... astounding too

  15. I really find deep wisdom and beauty in these words. Thank you, Neva.

  16. Neva

    Astounding in verse, stunning richly layered, goes right to the heart.