Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember - February 13, 2011


Touch my heart in the shadows of the night
Let silence reign in your seduction
Call to my eyes until I can remember
Words of love you once spoke
Dear to me

Let there be no shame in what we see here
In this warmth you bring to me
Call to my eyes that I am not alone
Words of love you once spoke
So willingly

I am standing still with the print of your heart
Here listening to the beat of my own
Call to my eyes the words of love known
So that I can remember
My way home

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Passionate verses, to the beloved,specially to valentines lovers.

  2. Beautiful indeed - call to my it.
    God bless you!

  3. Você escreve maravilhosamente. beijos de sua amiga do coração

  4. beautiful Neva the last line, really brings the whole poem home...right to the heart.

  5. Beautiful Memories can be the brightest smiles to my heart,To lead me Home, Most welcome words from the Wordsmith. Thank You,Neva

  6. Neva you never cease to amaze me the wonderful words tat flow from your heart. Remember has got to be one of your best works. I imagine that some one is saying the words to me. Valentine's Day will make me think of this poem.

  7. I also think this is just beautiful and the last line does bring the to my heart. The words were so intriguing. You are really gifted.

  8. lovely...i hope they call out to you so you find your way...

  9. A beautifully written poem.

  10. Vraiment MAGNIFIQUE ce poeme d'amour ..
    Thank you NEVA ~

  11. You've done it again, Neva. :o)
    I was searching for "a way home."

    Thanks for sharing and caring.

    You almost read like a Hallmark
    Greeting card.

    "When you care enough to send
    the very best."
    Send a "Neva" poem.

    One for every ocassion.



  12. Once more you encapsulate your thoughts in such a wonderful way.