Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yesterday I Wandered - Feb. 06, 2011

Yesterday I Wandered

Yesterday I wandered into the bliss of love's fountain
Held by strong arms I called home
A rambling traveler consumed by a passion
To listen to the sweet whispers
Of the bubbling foam

Timelessly I had always existed in a precious solitude
Where I found pleasure in my own dance
Until I wandered into the bliss of love's fountain
To kiss the warmest lips
Of circumstance

I must confess, the waters rushed round my heart
As I touched the cheek of sweet hours
My rambling feet stood still in complete joy
Desiring to be molded like soft clay
Within love's power

My flesh was warmed by sweet whispers of passion
Arms that held my heart in their hands
This rambling traveler quickly forgot who she was
When the waters of love's own fountain
Rushed in to my dance

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Neva , maravilhoso, eu adoraria me sentir assim algum dia . obrigada por descrever com belas palavras o Amor.

  2. I see two souls merged into one, the same space and time, a brilliant description.

  3. Finding love is good for poetry. Loosing love is better for poetry.

  4. Arms that held my heart... what a beautiful tender picture. Love it, thanks (((Neva)))

  5. hmmm - yes - wandering into the bliss of love's fountains...can change everything. beautiful and warm-hearted write neva

  6. That old song 'I love to go a wandering' came to my mind as I read your poem - perfect as ever.

  7. sounds just divine!!!!

  8. love that the fountain of otherwise...smiles.

  9. Beautiful poetry,
    soft and enveloping Neva ~

  10. Bliss is never dry, neat and, empty. Nicely spoken again Neva.