Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glory in Shades of Gray - Feb. 27, 2011

Glory in Shades of Gray

A new tear parted last night from an ocean of eternity
Where it had once laid shivering and sweet
Beginning to comprehend those words of comfort
From a spirit that has awakened within
Every eye you meet

Looking up for peace of mind outside of black and white
Thoughts hold a subtle sweetness all around
This new tear stares into the breath of expectation
Seeing glory in beautiful shades of gray
Now wonderfully profound

An old tear reveals lips that speak to us of retribution
Losing sight of what is right and wrong
Telling stories that have no place at all to go
Except dark hills carried in our souls
For way too long

A new tear parted last night from an ocean of eternity
Defining hope in feelings now recognized
In all those words of comfort proceeding forth
From the spirit awakening within
These smiling eyes

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011


  1. Ah, sweet tears. Beautiful words again, Neva.

  2. Sweet tears indeed. Perfect.

  3. Always so wonderful picture.
    Beautiful poem.. thank Neva,,

  4. Your path of kindred muse
    Echoes in our souls so truce
    Embarking on the journey of life
    Neva's words provide a refuge from strife
    Your creative endeavour of heart felt spirit
    Has an effect of a surging sea waiting to here it
    An admirable legacy of heart
    Leaves us all with hope from melting apart
    Regards: Allan

  5. OK Neva, this one is breathtaking.

  6. Beautiful Neva...a wonderful way to start the day..!

  7. I was away yesterday but reading your words makes a beautiful start to Monday.

  8. Sweet music for any listening and discerning soul. You romance the heart like no other. Your world is a world where we can escape and be that which only your imagination can inspire. Beautiful as always Neva, beautiful.