Thursday, December 30, 2010

Calming Silence - Dec. 30, 2010

Calming Silence

A calming silence can hold its own beauty as a guide
When nothing at all, seems quite right
With barely a look at those storms outside
Turning quickly into dust
In your sight

Winds may blow within your hair, startling your spirit
Until calming silence's beauty you behold
Sprinkling you with a peace defined and delicate
Streaming wisps of serenity
Into your soul

Quite a message a calming silence brings to me
When nothing seems quite right
I barely look at those storms, you see
With all this peace streaming
Into my sight

Such beauty is found in the serenity of silence
Regardless of the winds that blow
My spirit is calmed in a definite balance
When silence streams into
My soul

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. An enduring peace that subdues the reader in this poem

  2. A silencing of the mind into soul consciousness...Is a precursor to existence.
    I solute your awakened existence!

  3. ...makes me feel peaceful...Beautiful..!

  4. Enlightening words to find a balance within the Soul. Deep meanings in that Calming Silence. Thank You Neva

  5. The image is so perfect for the calming words that are portrayed in this beautiful poem. I love it, well done Neva.

  6. Beautiful. Silence truly is golden.

  7. I can soooo relate! Very peaceful read! :)

  8. The wonderful Sounds of Silence

  9. So subtle and beautiful. This reminded me of when things are totally out of control and I have to try to find that peaceful, calm center. Nice.

  10. Beautiful, Neva. I love the idea of a calming silence, like sitting at a window watching a snowstorm, soundlessly.

  11. ..the serenity of silence..beautiful - and i also like the pic - you always have such beautiful pics to accompany your words
    happy new year neva

  12. Silence always been for me a relaxing effect bienfesant..
    I love your writing poeme. Neva ...

  13. I personally love silence - it balances the noisy days

  14. "Such beauty is found in the serenity of silence", i agree!!