Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today - Dec. 15, 2010


Far off I felt a pulse that danced among the wildest winds
Heard like a distant echo when twilight came
I sought to listen with my heart and ears once again
Found out, that yesterday, was its name

In time I wore a rose of red, made of paper promises
Blew satin kisses to a snow white dove
Forgot to feel the pulse and found myself powerless
Twilight came and took away my love

I drowned my rose in tears that danced upon my face
Sought to listen with my heart and ears again
Found out, that yesterday, found another place
No longer dancing in the wildest winds

My satin kisses I took away from the snow white dove
Stood waiting for the first light of day
Far off I felt a pulse that danced in the arms of love
I reached out and found its name is today

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. Very moving read,Lady Wordsmith.Must live in the Today of Life.Beautifully written,Neva

  2. I recently discovered you and I'm happy I did.
    Wonderful words spoken here.

  3. Just a lovely write on love, dancing and the passing of the image ...your poetry is so soft and beautiful...bkm

  4. beautiful poem..

    attend my poets rally week 35 if you wish..

  5. glad you found today...there is power in that...and it weighs a lot less than yesterday...

  6. I am of a mid that all love should be treated as mass. it may change form but it can never be destroyed.

    This was a wonderful stroll seeming from a past to a present.

  7. Today is the only place to live, but yesterday still lingers

  8. i sense vulnerability on this piece. great write that provokes imagery.