Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tender Voices - Dec. 16, 2010

Tender Voices

The same tender voice in your thoughts, I can hear in mine
Repeating claims which dust the wings of time
However much they flow, you will surely always find
Underneath the wings those voices
Are sublime

On the shores of our hearts we walk a similar line
Finding joy in the meeting of the two
Only there do we let go of differences we find
Within the space that separates
Our view

The waters that touch our shores swirl almost the same
As those waters on a hundred other shores
Yet they do not know the name
Of the tender voice we hear in our thoughts
Whispering the same

In our hearts we have a need to hear this tender voice
Repeating claims which lift the wings of time
However much they flow, we find we have no choice
We have to listen to the rhythm
Of their rhyme

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. Voices that feed the soul, brilliantly described in this poem.

  2. In the shores of our hearts - I especially love the image that invokes. Great poem. Thanks

  3. Sometime your rhyme swirls my soul and I am wisked away. Your heart is on the air this morning....

  4. I think we all need to hear this voice...I think it may be our shared connection...beautifully created..!

  5. Of the Tender Voice we hear in our thoughts Whispering the same. Exciting and soothing for me at the same time.
    Thank You for sharing with Us, Neva

  6. This reminds me that although we are different, we are really all the same.

    It was beautiful, Neva.

  7. We are really all connected-- beautiful---

  8. i love it, the wings of the voices in the wind and swirls in the shore.......that is my feel on this piece. love the flow here. very well penned as you usually do my friend.

  9. A beautifully uplifting poem, your writing is so prolific.

  10. yes the shores of our hearts share so many similarities - "Dont tread on me"

    Lovely Neva

  11. Dear Neva, Six months later... and I have returned to my computer and I see that you are still writing such wonderful poetry, what an incredible woman you are Neva, so full of passion, the words just flow from you, I wish I possessed your ability. Thank you for sharing Tender Voices x

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