Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stand In The Break - Dec. 12, 2010

Stand In The Break

Who will climb the night breeze to see time pass
Keep the minutes safe in their mind
Pursue heaven in the spirit of a looking glass
Suspended above, a world unkind

Who will take to wing and gently rise above
Everything for which they yearn
To fulfill the promise made by a dove
Then live by the lessons learned

Who will always pursue what others try to elude
With head high but never aloof
Be silently attentive in all they conclude
Hold to hope, without any proof

Who will hang high up on the moon to sing
Until the sun reappears in the sky
Sending hope into a world unkind with a ring
That echoes from their voice on high

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. Extraordinary lines Neva. The creative source for which you find connection continually offers you incredible lines of verse. They speak to us with distinct voice and stunning visualization. Please, continue to speak to us for Neva, we are listening and we see.

  2. really like this neva
    "climb the night breeze" paints a fantastic picture and i love the many questions without question marks - leaves them just standing in the room to think on..

  3. This makes me think of divine ones...gathering their wisdom and sharing it.

    Absolutely beautiful.

  4. And the "truth" shall set you free!!! A great poem dedicated to those who stand for the truth and against lies and rumor!

  5. very how you ask much without asking...and who...oh i hope you will find...smiles.

  6. there is a misty kind of midnight feel to this

    who will...

  7. From the night breeze to the echos this is a beautiful and beautifully nuanced poem. Thank you. Most graceful.

    Jamie Dedes

  8. Hi Neva...That was really beautiful...and speaks volumes about courage and the possibilities of soaring...higher than you ever imagined....what a great piece of work reflect upon when doubts fill ones mind....what a wonderful gift you have...!!!

  9. the world sure needs hope,lots of wisdom. Keep the minutes safe in their mind - love it.

  10. call us to a higher purpose...thank you...bkm