Monday, December 13, 2010

Skies of Youth - Dec. 13, 2010

Skies of Youth

You once again wore the skies of windy youth
Held in the temple by our roaring sea
Holding on to a call of truth
For the gifts you gave
To me

From a corner of dear evening's quiet beauty
I came to you in devoted honor
You turned your garments here to me
Again the skies of youth
Were your admirer

Expressions were pounding, no time to think
Sunlight would soon be gleaming
If this was a dream, I refused to blink
I wished to stay here
In my dreaming

Who would be so cruel as to wake me now
As I adore the skies, you wear
Let the sun shine upon another brow
For now we climb
The stairs

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. Lovely format for this piece, Neva.

  2. My favourite part in this poem is 'As I adore the skies' - very lovely again.

  3. Such a dreamer...It would be nice to visit your dream!

  4. One dreamer to another , Beautiful read and joyful dream. Wishing to be left to your dreams without interuptions.

  5. This poem speaks to me of souls that vibrate in the same tune, beyond time.

  6. wow, what a great ending. thanks neva for being who you are and in my life with such beauty and passion.

  7. I wished to stay here In my dreaming - At times we all surely do.

  8. To stay in my dreams-- a dream in itself :) Love this

  9. Neva, I love the pictures above your poems. Stunning! Wherever you get them from, keep them coming. Also, thank you for affirmation of my poetry. I appreciate the poetic journey we are sharing.

  10. ah climb those stairs...what a beautiful picture you paint...

  11. Oh to be young again. Beautiful.

  12. Thank you Emmett, I have a link to the artist's page right next to the very bottom of my poem. :)

  13. What beautiful sentiments...just a lovely lovely poem.

    Carlos's painting is gorgeous! A perfect piece to accentuate your beautiful poem.

  14. I love the picture, the form, and the words you one wants to wake up from a good dream.

  15. Beautiful words...and so true....Now live the dream...Ahhhhh...!

  16. Beautifully while writing, this world of dreams.
    Neva !!!

  17. complex tale of dreamy youth...great one Neva