Sunday, December 26, 2010

Persistence - Dec. 26, 2010


What softly stirs your precious heart to breathe
Shakes your very existence
Listens to those winds that sing, you see
Brings blessings to you
In abundance

Does it echo in the words of every woman or man
Like pearls dropped in golden light
Give you wings of desire to swiftly fly to lands
Alter your own purpose
Stand and fight

Can it unbind your soul, bring you peaceful sleep
While your heart plays in the sun
Does it gently replace the dreams you keep
Even when they have been shattered
By everyone

If nothing stirs your precious heart to breathe
Shakes your very existence
Keep listening to those winds that sing, you see
Those blessing will come to you
With persistence

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. How true!

    Hope your Christmas has been everything you wished.

  2. Encouraging and emotional admiration in this dreamy poem

  3. Neva, this is beautiful and so deeply inspiring. Blessings are always near, you are so right...we just need to listen and see through our hearts:)

  4. The painting and the words are just beautiful Neva.

  5. This speaks, and is heard ,to my heart

  6. ah, listening for those winds to stir for me...

  7. Neva,

    I'm a great believer in the virtue of persistence. It interests me that you house it in such gentle imagery! Persistence is acting as a guard to allow such peace and loveliness.


  8. It is worth the wait isn't it? Very beautifully stated Neva
    You have been so sweet and encouraging thanks for the many visits to my site. Sorry I haven't been By sooner One Stop is like a lover - constant demand
    love from the moon

  9. Your last stanza is very encouraging...thanks, lovely as always. Blessings to you, dear Neva.

  10. i like with what tender words you start here - and then - the persistance - such wise words, your poems are always so encouraging neva

  11. It is the standing and fighting I am weary of but I know if not me who, if not now when?

    I may not always comment but I do always read.

    Be Well.

  12. Grace-filled and wise. Well done.


  13. wow neva always amaze me in total awe. this one is another favorite!!!!!

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