Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gleaming Jewel of the Leaves - Dec. 08, 2010

Gleaming Jewel of the Leaves

I looked out from a heart that hoped and saw a precious jewel
Unafraid of my gleaming leaves or the way I speak
With a heart unselfish and never cruel
Shining as in a dream
A light to seek

The air sprouted new leaves as time and space stood still
Touching these gleaming leaves of my own
What a heavenly gesture I could feel
Radiating from this jewel

Clearly, in my sight, my pulse quickened at the view
As these leaves kissed my gleaming green
Such treasure I found in a jewel
When I looked out in hope

Never again will I see my world the same as before
Because I saw a precious jewel
With air my leaves adore
A heart unselfish
Never cruel

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. Very well written ,from the Heart That's never cruel.Beautiful Work Neva, Like the new site .Thanks for sharing with Us. :-)

  2. Like this and the new site-----thank you

  3. you can say that again, "a heart unselfish and never cruel". that is you my neva. another beautiful post i am going to put in my favorites at hp.

  4. Great write! Great new site! :)

  5. Hope and renewed vigor to face a life in perfect balance. So encouraging.

  6. So So beautiful!!! Love it NEva!
    Lots of love,

  7. a glittering jewel indeed...beautiful neva

  8. 'A heart unselfish, never cruel', I love those words, stunning work as always.

  9. I like the it a gentle, trickling down feel that allows the poem to flow all the more delicately down through us. This one is a beautiful transformation, with powerful words - and especially, a most splendid ending note. Fantastic read.

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  11. In the words of David Whyte, I am "simply astonished"! Unhhh! Lovely!

  12. This poem Neva breathes bonheur.un jewelry by write. I love your new blog presentation!!! xox