Friday, December 24, 2010

Mountains Stand - Dec. 24, 2010

Mountains Stand

Mountains stand, yet only view, others as gusts of rain
Yet a dream stands there in silence
Even in this time our hearts can ascertain
It is here we can find our balance

There are footsteps seeking out tomorrow's fountains
Shining golden in their quest
That look up into the faces of these mountains
With silent dreams which never rest

To return to their homes, there is never any thought
When they see the gentle leaving of day
Feather across the peaks, when the eve is sought
Taking one more step along the way

There is blood on the sandals and gold in the hearts
Of the dreamers who quests are ascertained
Mountains stand
Viewing others as one side apart
While silent dreams, become much more
Than gusts of rain

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


  1. While silent dreams, become much more than gusts of rain - lovely.

    Have a wonderful Christmas or holiday.


  2. Beautiful ...Merry Xmas

    PS are you on Twitter...I tweeted about your blog

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    FoLlOw ThiS TALeNtEd PoEt...You wont regret it...!Changefulstorm Poetry: Mountains Stand - Dec. 24, 2010"

    December 24, 2010 10:26 AM

  3. Im glad Ive met you...your lovely work brings a smile to my face each day and makes me stop......and think for a is nice to take a lovely break and rejuvenate my soul..!!...Thank You..!

  4. Beautiful ode to, the tireless dreamers

  5. This Dreamer Enjoys reading of embracing the Silent Dreams while the Mountains can only View.Thank You, Neva.Beautiful Read

  6. There is blood on the sandals and gold in the hearts...gust of rain - fabulous images, love this one, Neva!

  7. Neva you are an incredible talent--- the images here are so lovely--

  8. love it, what a poet you are. getting better along the way to optimum. just love your writing neva. they read like lullabies.

  9. Very lovely poem dear Neva.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. We do find our balance and our greatness in dreams. Nice work.


  11. Very good analysis of the mountains, the silent dream and the gust of wind. A lovely entwining of the thoughts.